SionCraft is hosted by Akliz, who provides DDoS protection and a daily back up of all of our server files. The Akliz staff are the best there could be, the support is dealt with quickly and they give you an accurate report about any errors, if necessary, they can enter your server and fix it themselves. For the best protection for your server, give Akliz a visit.

Not only does donating to the server support us, it also gets you cool perks! There is one donation rank, and it gives you the following perks.

  • Access to /nickname
  • Access to color codes in chat
  • Access to colored nicknames
  • Access to /fart and /fart brew
  • Access to /fw (Launch Firework)
  • Access to /music radio skip
  • Special [D] Suffix in chat

This rank costs $5.00 USD [U.S. Dollars] and lasts for one month at a time.


View a live overview of all our worlds on SionCraft, as well as see the position of other players, view the boundaries of towns, watch a live feed of the chat, and view the world time.

server map


Survive in a harsh environment... with mutant zombies everywhere!


What can you make with limited items and an island in the void?


Claim your land, protect your lifestyle!


What are you waiting for?

Join us at


Build whatever your heart desires!
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SionCraft is all about fun, fairness, equality and more fun! We strive to keep the community friendly to all, our staff are well trained to handle any situation. We at SionCraft are here to provide the best possible Minecraft experience for all players. We have ranks that are based off your mcMMO power level so all members are able to rank up, you don't need to pay, build or do anything like that, just get your power level up! We have one donation rank with some cool perks, for those who feel the need for more.Type your paragraph here.

Voting for the server has it's rewards. Doing so will not only help get the server more popular and bring in more players, but you will also gain some shiny rewards.


Creative world with preset building plots, claim, and build what you want!

we moved websites, visit and bookmark this is our new and improved website, permanently