SionCraft is hosted by, an awesome host who offers us daily backups of all your valuable data and DDoS Mitigation that keeps SionCraft online and lag free.  Akliz also helps with any game/plugin issues and has a 99.99% up time!  When you are ready to play Minecraft, Akliz makes sure that SionCraft will be here waiting for you! 

SionCraft is a friendly place to enjoy the game of Minecraft, whether you are new to Minecraft or a veteran.  On SionCraft, there is something for everyone to do.  Whether you prefer Towny Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Factions or CraftZ,  we give you the option to play Minecraft the way you like it.  Sioncraft is one large community where everyone is welcome.  Register on our  Forum at:
SionCraft has a mature, friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Our staff  members are well trained and work hard to insure that everyone has a great time on SionCraft.  They not only enforce our Rules of Conduct for a "PG" level of chat, but they are always wiling to help you and to answer your questions.  They make SionCraft a great place for players of all ages! 



   SionCraft is supported by the generosity of our players.  We work extremely hard for this server! Be sure to show your appreciation by 

   heading over to our BuyCraft page!  Small donations of $5 [ or less ] per month are accepted.  A small donation will earn you a few perks,

   like a colored [D] in front of your name, the ability to wear a hat, have a nickname, and create colored signs. And it will also earn you our

   undying gratitude.  We fully comply with the current terms of Mojang's EULA and do not offer any perks that would give any player an

   advantage over another player.  You may donate online through BuyCraft by using the /buy command in the game chat.  Please be

   advised that SionCraft is not related in any way to Mojang or Minecraft or Microsoft and that all questions concerning donations should

   be directed to SionCraft.

vote for sioncraft

Voting has it rewards!  First, when you vote you get ingame diamonds and occasionally a lucky voter will get an ingame money bonus.  Second, it attracts more players to our server.  So vote often and help yourself and help SionCraft grow!

Note: You do NOT have to be ingame to get your reward for voting!!








current staff


  mslaw                                  Owner

  specknight                           Veteran Admin

  pdbrighteyes                        Server PR

  johngoo                                Plugins/Code

  xXOdysseyXx                       Plugins/Forum


  totom56                               YankeeBrit

  Requeum                             _CC_

  Jeeep                                   totoro_138

  jaboa                                    riddevan

  QFREAK 1999                     tomahawkoa1

  TheCraftEditor                     GhostWraith 

  Islacann__Dwarf                  krazykk55

sioncraft's ranks/staff/plugins

player ranks

      SionCraft ranks its players by their mcMMO power level. 

      The higher the power level the higher the rank.  Below is

      a list of the ranks and the required power level.  Once a 

      player reaches that power level they notify an Admin who

      will check the player's power level and promote them.

        RANK                              REQUIREMENTS


        MEMBER......................Players start at Member      

        APPRENTICE...............mcMMO power level of  500

        JOURNEYMAN............ mcMMO power level of 1000

        MASTER...................... mcMMO power level of 2500

        ELDER..........................mcMMO power level of 5000

        If you are not familiar with mcMMO please go here:


Latency Lag
If you want to check your latency with a server just log onto Minecraft and add the server you want to test to your list of servers.
When it's added there will be a small icon in the top right on the server field just above the amount of slots the server holds.
If you hover the icon it will tell you the ping of the server.
Fast Ping: <100ms
Medium Ping: 100-250ms
Slow Ping: 250-500ms
Laggy Ping: >500ms