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Posted: Sat 22 Apr 2017
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1. Game Rules
1.1 General Server Rules
1.1.1. Do not grief builds or the map.
1.1.2. Do not use fly to gain an advantage over a person who cannot fly.
1.1.3. Be friendly, no harassing or trolling other players.
1.1.4. Do not ask for staff rank, items, or special perks in game.
1.1.5. Obey staff - if you feel they are wrong, report them on the forum.
1.1.6. No explicit or offensive skins.
1.1.7. No offensive or inappropriate builds.
1.1.8. No builds, redstone or otherwise, that cause the server to lag.
1.1.9. No hacking or exploiting game glitches - if you are not sure ask staff.
1.1.10. No raiding or stealing from other players.
1.1.11. AFK pools are not allowed.
1.1.12. Do not spawn or TP kill.

1.2 Chat Rules
1.2.1. Do not spam the chat.
1.2.2. Do not use excessive CAPS.
1.2.3. Advertising other servers is not allowed.
1.2.4. Racist, homophobic, sexual, or otherwise offensive remarks are not allowed in the chat.
1.2.5. Excessive profanity is not allowed. Minimal swearing is permitted as long as it is not used in insulting context.
1.2.6. Speak only English in all server chat channels.
1.2.7. The discussion of religion, sex, and/or politics is prohibited.
1.2.8. Do not ask staff to unban a banned player, all bans must be appealed on the forum.
1.2.9. Be careful when speaking of your personal life or another player's personal life on the server even in personal messages and/or server email.  Be smart. Do not share personal details such as, but not limited to, email, phone number, or address.
1.2.10 Nicknames must be relevant to your original Minecraft Username.
1.2.11 Do not mini-mod. Mini-modding is the act of taking it upon yourself to enforce the rules when you are not a part of the Sioncraft staff team. Players not of our staff team may not warn or ask members to abide by the rules or do any staff function in general.

1.3 Towny Rules and Regulations
1.3.1. Mayors may not kick residents from towns without valid reason for doing so.
1.3.2. Mayors may not kick residents from towns to take that resident's items and property.
1.3.3. When a mayor removes a resident from the town for inactivity, that mayor must give a 5 day grace period in which if the resident returns to the server, the mayor will either have to grant residency back to that player, or give all items back to that player.
1.3.4. Towns may not be built within 100 Minecraft blocks of each other.
5. Town mayors may not claim around buildings that were not built by them or another resident of their town.
1.3.6. Town mayors may not claim land surrounding other towns.
1.3.7. Players may not start new towns to claim unclaimed buildings or structures owned by other players.

1.4 Donator Rules
Because you are a donator does not mean you can ignore our rules, you must follow them just as everyone else.
1.4.1. Your nicknames must be relevant to your original name.
1.4.2. Do not use black in your nickname, aka color code '0'.
1.4.3. Do not use formatting code ‘k’ in nicknames.
1.4.4. Do not frequently change your nickname, you may change your nickname every two weeks.
1.4.5. Donators using fly in PvP against players without fly abilities is not permitted.
Donators, not abiding by these Donation rules and Server rules will result in either a ban without refund and/or donator status being evoked without refund. Please read our terms and conditions as well on checkout.

1.5 Mob Spawner Guidelines
1.5.1. Mob farms that run and work without the presence of a player physically taking part in the killing of the mobs are prohibited.
1.5.2. Mob farms are limited to using two spawners. The use of 3 or more spawners is grounds for the moderation team to remove the mob farm in its entirety.
1.5.3. Players are not allowed to be AFK at a mob farm to build up a large multitude of mobs to be killed. Players must actively kill mobs as they are spawned.
1.5.4 (a) There may not be more than 3 mob farm set ups per town.
1.5.4 (b) If a player is not part of a town, that player may not have more than 2 mob grinder set ups.
1.6 PvP Guidelines

1.6.1. PvP in the the Towny-Survival and Mining worlds is illegal without the consent of all participating parties.
1.6.2. Attacking and/or killing any member of staff while they are performing moderation duties is prohibited.
1.6.3. TP killing and Spawn Killing is prohibited under any and all circumstances.
1.6.4. Using fly to PvP against players who do not have access to fly is illegal in all circumstances.
1.6.5 Blocking, tampering with, claiming, or any action that makes a deathchest unobtainable by its owner is prohibited and punishable by temporary ban.

Sioncraft uses a strict reprimand system for rule breakers. This meaning that we go through steps to punish those who break the rules, starting with a verbal warning and escalating from there if need be. The following is explaining how the Sioncraft Server enforces the rules.

1. Verbal Warning - A verbal warning is issued by a staff member upon first infraction of the rules.
2. Kicked - If the player in question is continuing to disobey the staff member and continuing to break the rules, they will be kicked from the server.
3. Muted - If after being kicked, the player continues to agitate the staff member and community and break the rules, they will be muted for no more than 24 hours.
4. Jailed - If the player is causing physical issues such as griefing and harassment, the player will be jailed as well as muted.
5. Warned - A warning will be issued to the player if they continue to cause any issues, or ignore staff members and rules. Warnings stay on a player's record for 30 days, and upon receiving their 7th warning, they will be banned.
6. Temp. Banned - If the player continues to still cause issues for the server, the staff members will temp. ban them for no longer than 24 hours, even if the player has less than 7 warnings.
7. Banned - A permanent ban will be issued to the player if they are a threat to the server or community in any fashion. Permanent bans are also used for serious infractions such as threats, hacking, and illegal activities.
8. Banned IP - An IP ban is only issued if the player in question uses an alternate account to bypass any form of punishment.

2. Forum Rules
2.1. Do not post on nuisance threads such as spambots' threads
2.2. Do not double post
2.3. Do not ask for likes
2.4. Do not bump your threads more than once
2.5. Do not mini-mod (Defined in GAME RULES)
2.6. Do not be rude to others
2.7. Do not reverse staff actions
2.8. Do not spam or flood page with multiple posts
2.9. Do not troll in any form
2.10. Do not post inappropriate content
2.11. Do not create spam or troll form entries
2.12. Do not advertise a Youtube channel or video without written and expressed permission from the Sioncraft Network administration
2.13. Do not be disrespectful
2.14. Do not discuss other servers
2.15. Do not plagiarize
2.16. Do not discriminate
2.17. Do not engage in unapproved transactions
2.18. Do not use inappropriate language
2.19. Non-Staff members are not permitted to reply to staff applications
2.20. Users who are not staff or are not initially involved are not permitted to reply to player reports, staff complaints, or ban appeals

3. Discord Guidelines
3.1. Limit the use of profanities
3.2. Do not harass or threaten other users verbally or textually
3.3. Do not discuss political or religious topics
3.4. Do not discuss or link to pornographic or malicious materials
3.5. Please do regulate your speech volume, do not scream into the mic or play excessively loud music or noise
3.6. Do not advertise products or other servers
3.7. Ban evading is prohibited
3.8. Do not share yours or other user's personal information
3.9. Racism/discrimination is strictly prohibited
3.10. Inappropriate names/avatars are prohibited
3.11. Spam of any sort is prohibited
3.12. Your display name must match your MC IGN

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