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Author Topic: Web Update  (Read 369 times)

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Web Update
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:19:06 AM »
Recently I've done a fair amount work on the backend of our web services. I've set up a branded short link and created a referrals with rewards system on our forum, soon I plan to move our staff applications from a third party to a custom form and data storage system designed by me. I've set up a network status page with a PHP app so users can view the status of all our servers and even who is playing on them in real time, and I've added a changelog to the forum to keep track of everything done and updated (Link to this can be found in the footer of the forums on any page).

So why does this all concern you?

Well, I wanted to make clear that instead of using the traditional short link companies like bit.do, bit.ly, and goo.gl, we will be using our own, sion.fyi. This is a domain I own, I manage and I moderate. This is reasonable to know because you know that when you click a shortened sion.fyi link, you are being directed to a safe site, with content managed by me and the rest of the administration. There is no more worry of "where is this short link taking me" when using our short links. I am working on a forum page that you can visit to use our short link to shorten long URLS.

I am also urging you guys to report any errors or what seem like mess ups, because in all new things, there come bugs.

List of Official Sioncraft Short Links - You can use these to share on the server chat, skype, anywhere really. These are all easy to remember links that will never go away.
- http://sion.fyi/ranks - Ranks list
- http://sion.fyi/wiki - Help pages
- http://sion.fyi/rules - Server rules
- http://sion.fyi/register - Register for a forum account
- http://sion.fyi/yt - Official Sioncraft Youtube Channel
- http://sion.fyi/discord - Official Sioncraft Discord group
- http://sion.fyi/staff - Staff list
- http://sion.fyi/vote - Vote links
- http://sion.fyi/cmap - Creative server map
- http://sion.fyi/tmap - Towny server map
- http://sion.fyi/status - Network status
- http://sion.fyi/changelog - Website change log
- http://sion.fyi/email - Sioncraft email website
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